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i-SPY is a quality assurance analyst and strategist providing professional, objective mystery shopping services for restaurants and other hospitality and service driven businesses aspiring to maximize their guest service experience.


Philadelphia Magazine,
September 2009.

Quality Assurance Mystery Shopping
(also known as Mystery Shopping or Secret Shopping)
i-SPY hospitality provides objective quality assurance mystery shopper data to allow your business to reach its peak potential and stay ahead of its competitors. Our custom quality assurance services (also known as mystery shopper or secret shopper services) monitors and evaluates each of the assorted aspects of the client’s operation to ensure that standards of quality are met. It is a system designed to detect, control and prevent errors and, ultimately, to further your employees’ ability to appropriately provide for your guests and customers.

As mystery shopper or secret shopper programs go beyond servicing restaurants and other hospitality-based businesses i-SPY creates custom quality assurance programs for the following: restaurants, bars and lounges, telephones, banks, catering sales, gyms and fitness centers, bowling alleys, retail, hotels, and distributors and manufacturers.

Telephone quality assurance Mystery Shopping
Why do you need quality assurance for your telephone administrators (aka, reservationists)? Because they typically are the first interaction many guests have with a restaurant, and deemed by many as a precursor as to the level of service and professionalism one should anticipate during an impending dining experience. The duties of those handling telephones go beyond gathering reservation and contact info; they are the restaurant’s connection to potential and future guests—in essence, an information liaison and salesperson.

i-SPY provides MP3 audio files of phone calls provided by our trained mystery shoppers, allowing you to listen to and analyze how your potential and future guests are spoken with when they call your restaurant and converse with your employees. Our clients may then in turn use the provided audio files as a training tool, allowing their telephone administrators to listen and learn from their conversations to increase their level customer service. This is the ultimate goal of quality assurance mystery shopping—increase the guest experience, which in turns will lead to an increase in your return on investment.

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