How to Increase DINNER checks by 50%
and BAR checks by 300%
with i-SPY hospitality

Implementing the proven strategies of our Restaurant Service Training manual

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7 FAILURES made by RESTAURATEURS that costs them $$$

  1. Properly training every member of the restaurant staff.
  2. Outlining proper standards of service and expectations of the staff.
  3. Grasping the difference between service and hospitality.
  4. Teaching the art of suggestively selling to increase the check.
  5. Personalizing the guest experience.
  6. Anticipating the wants and needs of the guests.
  7. Earning repeat business of guests.

To maximize restaurant revenue, your restaurant staff must enhance the guest dining experience and maximize potential sales opportunities—both of which begin when the guest enters your restaurant, and end when the guest exits your restaurant. With our guidance you will significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your restaurant’s ongoing service training program—and increase your restaurant’s revenue!

Our Restaurant Service Training Manual

  • Increases restaurant sales revenue;
  • Increases employee retention, thus reducing the cost of recruiting new employees;
  • Increases guest retention, thus reducing the cost of marketing;
  • Lists proper Steps of Service;
  • Defines service standards;
  • Identifies positive cause and effect relationships;
  • Illustrates recommended server sales strategies;

Food is typically what draws people to a restaurant. It is the service, or more specifically, your service staff, which create a memorable dining experience and keep people returning and spreading positive word-of-mouth advertising about your restaurant.

As 98% of your restaurant’s guests do not work in the restaurant/ hospitality industry, our restaurant training guidelines and recommended restaurant server sales strategies are written from the layman guest’s perspective, thus leading to an enhanced guest experience and increased sales.

Areas covered include:

  • Telephone administration
  • Greeting staff
  • Service staff
  • Bartenders/lounge staff

ORDER A COPY of our restaurant service training manual

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