.SERVICES - Bars, Lounges, and Clubs

The most important assets for any bar, lounge or club are its alcohol and customer service. More than any other positions in the hospitality industry it is pinnacle for management to keep close watch on their bar/lounge staff. Our quality assurance services provide feedback to ensure for the following:

1. Guests are treated with the respect they deserve: security personnel and bartenders tend to exude a sense of entitlement and not feel the need to provide the level of customer service you demand and your guests expect to receive. Accountability will lead to improved employee-guest interaction.

2. Quality control of beverage distribution:
     . Bartender consistency with pours.
     . Following recipes for specialty cocktails.
     . Not feeding free drinks to employees and friends.

3. Monetary transactions:
     . Is the security/front door staff properly charging entry fee to all incoming guests?
     . Are bartenders properly inputting drinks into the computer?
     . Is there an abundance of “no sale” transactions?
     . Are all drinks accounted for?