.SERVICES - Restaurants

Restaurant guests have expectations before walking through a restaurant’s doors, whether a family establishment, cutting edge trendsetter or Five-Star Mobil bistro. Restaurateurs and operators must meet and/or exceed expectations or their fickle guests quickly will become someone else’s.

Quality Assurance within the restaurant industry measures performance for: telephone administration, greeting staff, service staff, food, housekeeping, atmosphere, bar staff and management. Our skilled mystery shoppers are trained according to the specifications expressed in our client’s service training manual. Our reports provide detailed analysis on how your staff is fulfilling your expectations and mission—through the eyes of the objective guest.

i-SPY specializes in restaurant openings, assisting with the transition from opening night to getting ready for the food critics; assisting in taking one’s operation to the next level of dining and service; and providing ongoing quality assurance.

. trend-setters
Trendsetting restaurateurs and celebrity chefs operate in multiple cities and are on the cutting edge of restaurant food and design. Trendsetters are more frequently successful than not—nobody is 100% successful—because they understand success is fleeting unless complacency is avoided. Quality assurance is the vehicle to assist with assuring your well-oiled machine continues running at peak performance.

. Mobil, AAA and Michelin Guide
With operating a high-end "occasion" restaurant (think Le Bec-Fin in Philadelphia, French Laundry in California’s wine country or Daniel in New York City) you not only are romancing for the approval of customers and newspaper critics but also national and international publications such as Mobil, AAA and MichelinWhile the “typical” guest is unfamiliar with these publications, these small books carry clout on a global level, and the chef/owners of these opulent restaurants are fully aware.

i-SPY understands the minutia deemed important by these guides and the specifics looked for by its evaluators. The smallest of details may mean the difference between a Four-Star or Five-Star rating. In 2007 only 16 restaurants earned five stars from Mobil. Four stars is an honor. Five stars is exclusive. With exclusivity brings prestige and elite patrons. Allow us to take you to the status you deserve—be it rising to the next level, or ensuring you remain at the top.

. franchise/chains/casual/family
Operators of franchise or chain restaurants take a singular successful concept to myriad markets. The success of individual locations is predicated on management’s ability to carefully heed service manuals, thorough training of eager, friendly employees and consistent preparation of quality fare. Reliability, as opposed to reinvention of the wheel, is pinnacle for success.

Reliable quality assurance reports are necessary on the corporate level to hold individual locations accountable to standards. In addition to sales figures, shopper reports may be utilized as part of individual store bonus programs.

. byo
BYO’s are typically operated by young chefs venturing out on their own for the first time. They run the entire show: kitchen staff, service staff, marketing and play maitre d’ to their guests who want to be recognized each time they visit. What may make or break you is how well your staff treats your guests. Yes, you are almost always at your restaurant, but you only have one set of eyes. Our quality assurance reports will provide you a firsthand look at your typical guest’s experience.