COMMENTS by i-SPY Mystery Shoppers

Val Rosa: Marc is very personal and professional. He meets with his shoppers to assure the utmost quality.

Fran Vitrano: Working for i-SPY has been enjoyable and rewarding - I've found it personally informative as well as interesting! Working with Marc has given me the opportunity to mystery shop with confidence and enjoyment while providing factual survey information in a very professional, yet casual manner. It's been one of my best companies!

Quinn Sykes: Marc Kravitz runs a first class operation and every assignment I have completed for him was a pleasurable experience. Marc is a complete professional and his company paid faster than any company in the industry. I highly recommend Marc to mystery shoppers and clients.

Adis Garcia Melletz: I enjoyed completing assignments for i-SPY recently. The assignments were interesting and fun to do. The directions were clear and straight forward and Marc communicated with me immediately before the shop to remind me, and right afterwards to let me know everything was received. I was paid very quickly too! I look forward to completing future shopping assignments for Marc and i-SPY. Happy shopping!

Sarah Curtis-Fawley: I have thoroughly enjoyed working as a 'mystery diner' for i-SPY. What a great way to enjoy some of the area's best restaurants - and get paid for it!! Marc is very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Tom Rossi: Marc Kravitz and his i-SPY company are wonderful to work for. They are the only company that pays you the same day you complete your report which only is done via fax. Easy shop instructions too. Nothing is even remotely complicated. Sign up today !!!

Jerry Branam: Although I have only completed two shops with i-SPY my experience was pleasant. Marc was thorough in his shop explanations and was available to answer any questions or concerns I had. I especially liked the rapid payment process. I hope to work with i-SPY on future assignments.

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What is quality assurance mystery shopping?

Quality assurance evaluation, or “mystery shopping”, is the monitoring and evaluating of the assorted aspects of a client’s operation to ensure that standards of quality are met. It is a system designed to detect, control and prevent errors and, ultimately, to further an employee’s ability to appropriately provide for his or her customers.

What makes a successful mystery shopper?
1. Superior retention skills.
2. Ability to pay strict attention to detail.
3. Follows instructions.
4. Enjoys personal interaction in a social setting.
5. Reliable to follow through on committed assignments.

Why would a business invest in a mystery shopper company?
Like elite athletes who aspire to continually improve and reach new levels so do the most successful hospitality operators. They’ve invested in construction, architectural planning, real estate, managers, décor, advertising, public relations, and countless other tangibles. Quality assurance is a proactive step taken to ensure their business is being run according to plan.

Is mystery shopping as much fun as it appears?
Yes, but shoppers must keep in mind the task at hand and remember this is a service someone is paying good money for. Evaluations may include anything from ordering take-out at a fast food establishment to fine dining to an overnight stay in a hotel. Some experiences are so wonderful you feel guilty you are actually getting paid. But with experiences that are not so wonderful, it is a job you are being compensated to perform.

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