i-SPY Restaurant Testimonials 

Thank you for a job well done! You have helped us so much in maintaining our level of food and hospitality. Here’s to another ten years.

Stephen Starr, STARR Restaurants

Thanks so much for your help throughout the years – your input was most certainly so valuable for us to achieve so many bells in all of our locations!  Twenty total!

Jose Garcés, Chef/Owner, Garcés Restaurant Group

i-SPY has become an invaluable part of our service training experience. Not only is their narrative clear and un-opinionated but their attention to detail and consistency provides a wonderful training tool for us to use with our staff. Combined with excellent professional and prompt back-end support, we are delighted with all aspects of this program and look forward to a long and healthy relationship with this excellent service provider. Thank you Marc and all of your team.

Greg Macklin, Director of Operations, International Spy Museum in Washington DC

Thank you for your services. They have proved to be invaluable. Not only do I receive feedback in writing, but the recorded calls are very useful in training my staff in the subtle nuances of voice intonation and how that affects each caller. Couple the personal feedback along with the high-tech real time approach has made your services invaluable.

Keith Wagner, Assistant GM, The Rittenhouse Hotel, Lacroix

Your services have really helped us stay on top of things! I truly appreciate what you do and how well you do it. 

Aimee Olexy, Partner, Talula’s Garden and Talula’s Table

Increase DINNER checks by 50% and BAR checks by 300%

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