FREE Restaurant Service Training Manual for i-SPY CLIENTS

Increase DINNER checks by 50% and BAR checks by 300%

with easy-to-implement hospitality and sales strategies

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  1. Properly train each member of the front of house staff.
  2. Clearly communicate standards of service.
  3. Teach the difference between service and hospitality.
  4. Teach the art of suggestively selling.
  5. Personalizing the guest experience.
  6. Anticipating the wants and needs of the guests.
  7. Earning repeat business of guests.

To maximize revenue – both for your operation as well as for your servers and bartenders — your restaurant staff must learn steps to enhance the guest dining experience and maximize sales opportunities. Implementing the strategies outlined in our service training manual will significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your ongoing service training program—and increase revenue for your operation and your employees.

GOALS of the i-SPY Restaurant Service Training Manual

  • Increase revenue;
  • Increase employee retention, thus reducing the cost of recruiting and training new employees;
  • Increase guest retention, thus reducing marketing cost;
  • Teaching proper Steps of Service;
  • Defining service standards;
  • Identifying positive cause and effect relationships;
  • Illustrating recommended sales strategies;

Areas covered:

  • Telephone administration
  • Greeting staff
  • Service staff
  • Bartenders/Lounge Servers