i-SPY hospitality provides mystery shopping services for restaurants. Our clients have high expectations of our reports, and thus we do of our mystery shoppers. If you are interested in becoming a mystery shopper with i-SPY, please fill out an application and submit an independent contractor agreement. Mystery shopper testimonials about i-SPY.

Mystery Shopper 101

Q: What is a Mystery Shopper?
A: A mystery shopper is a person hired by, or on behalf of, a company to patronize their establishment, as their typical guest would, with the goal of improving the guest experience. Their mission is to collect objective data and then report back what occurred during their visit.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: Compensation for our mystery shoppers includes:

• Reimbursement, typically for a meal for two, which may range from $40 – $250+
• A fee for the work.

Q: How long does it take for me to get paid?
A: After a report is submitted, the editing process takes 3 – 5 days. Once the report is complete, submission is filed for your payment, which arrives within a business week.

Q: What characteristics are necessary to be a successful i-SPY mystery shopper?
A: We look for the following in our mystery shoppers:

• Superior retention and writing skills.
• Ability to pay strict attention to detail.
• Follows instructions.
• Reliable to follow through on committed assignments within 24 hours.
• Accepts constructive feedback. (Does not take it personally)
• No food or alcohol restrictions.

Q: What commitment do I have to make?
A: Commit to at least ONE meal per month.

Q: How long does it take to write the reports?
A: Our quick-serve assignments take about 30 minutes to fill out. Our full-service reports take 1.5 – 2.5 hours to fill out.

Q: What are the steps to become an i-SPY mystery shopper?
A: It’s a three-step process:

• Fill out an application on our website;
• Fill out and return the Independent Contractor Agreement;
• Sign up for a tryout assignment.

Q: How does scheduling work?
A: We assign our mystery shoppers based on their availability, be it weekday lunch or dinner, weekend lunch or dinner. Shoppers are assigned with restaurants based on their location, experience and client needs. Our scheduling is very flexible.

Mystery shopper testimonials about i-SPY.